Halloween Vietnamese Flashcards

Halloween is around the corner! I've created these cute Halloween Vietnamese flashcards so little ones can play with and learn new words. Enjoy! :) 


List of Halloween words

  • bí ngô / bí đỏ: pumpkin
  • đèn bí ngô: Jack-o-lantern
  • bánh bí đỏ: pumpkin pie
  • kẹo hay ghẹo: trick or treat
  • rơm: hay
  • đống rơm: hay pile
  • đồ hóa trang: costume
  • kẹo: candy
  • ngôi nhà ma ám: haunted house
  • ma cà rồng: vampire
  • xác ướp: mummy
  • ma: ghost
  • phù thủy: witch
  • (con) dơi: bat
  • bộ xương: skeleton
  • vạc: cauldron
  • ác quỷ: devil
  • chó sói: warewolf


Halloween Vietnamese Flashcards

vietnamese flashcards halloween vocabulary

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