What's an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an agreement between a brand and an influencer where the influencer (affiliate) earns commission for every purchase made on the brand's website through their unique referral link.

Simply put, when an affiliate shares about a product or a shop on their platform using their unique link, and a follower clicks on that link and buys a product, the affiliate automatically receives a commission (usually an agreed percentage of the sale).

How does Hello To Chào's affiliate program work?

As a Hello To Chào affiliate, you will receive commissions from 10% per every sale. We offer a couple different options for you and you can choose which one works best for your brand. Commissions are paid automatically every month. You can track all your commissions and purchases when you log in to your affiliate account.

Hello To Chào will provide you with our pre-made marketing materials (images, videos etc). We try to make it easiest for you to share our products.

Who would be a good fit for our affiliate program?

We are looking for bloggers, influencers and Youtubers who share a similar target audience to us. Based on the nature of our products and customers, we think the best fits would be Vietnamese mom or dad bloggers, Viet Kieu influencers, Asian bloggers / podcasters / Youtubers, Vietnamese language teaching schools, Asian magazines etc; But we don't limit to this list. As long as you think your audience or a segment of your audience fit with our brand, you might be a great candidate.

Do we share a similar target audience?

Hello To Chào makes bilingual Vietnamese learning materials for kids, and our customers are mainly overrseas Vietnamese parents whose children are between 2 and 10 years old. They can be Vietnamese who moved away or second or third generation Vienamese who were born overseas. We also have customers who are non-Viet parents that adopted Vietnamese kids and want to teach their kids Vietnamese. Our customers are in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, France, Japan, Austria and some other countries.

Do our target customers look similar to your audience?