Vietnamese Flashcards For Kids - Food, Fruits & Vegetable Vocabulary

I got really excited seeing my almost-two-year-old son Leo get so focused playing with flashcards for the first time a couple weeks ago. I have to say he's generally a very active boy who doesn't like to sit down for too long. And that day, he willingly sat down, pointed at different images he recognized and called them by names. Ever since that day, we've been using flashcards everyday for structured play time and we're loving it!

Since there are not many Vietnamese flashcards and materials available here in the US, the nerdy mom in me has decided to create simple flashcards of different topics in Vietnamese to use for my son and to share with you my readers. This article is the first in the series of Vietnamese vocabulary and flashcards for kids.

In this article, I share a list of most common Vietnamese fruit names that you can find in most Vietnamese / Asian grocery stores. I also share some simply but fun flashcard games. And at the end of the article, you can sign up to get my free printable Vietnamese food flashcards with over 50 food vocabulary for your little ones to learn and play at home.

Vietnamese Fruit Names

Here's a quick visual poster of the list, written list follows after.

vietnamese for kids vietnamese flashcards vietnamese fruits names

  • chuối - banana
  • vải - lychee
  • nhãn - longan
  • sầu riêng - durian
  • hồng xiêm / sa pô / lồng mứt - sapodilla
  • dưa hấu - watermelon
  • dừa - coconut
  • bưởi - pomelo
  • khế - star fruit
  • vú sữa - star apple
  • na - custard apple
  • mãng cầu xiêm - soursop
  • măng cụt - mangosteen
  • quýt - mandarin orange
  • táo - apple
  • lê - pear
  • mít - jackfruit
  • chôm chôm - rambutan
  • đu đủ - papaya
  • chanh - lime
  • xoài - mango
  • thanh long - dragon fruit
  • chanh leo / chanh dây - passionfruit
  • nho - grape
  • dâu tây - strawberry
  • cam - orange
  • anh đào - cherry
  • dưa lưới - cantaloupe
  • dứa / thơm / khóm - pineapple
  • ổi - guava


Vietnamese Food Flashcards For Kids

I've created a free flashcards pack that includes all above Vietnamese fruits as well as Vietnamese vegetables and food names. These flashcards with colorful picture illustrations will add to the fun of learning Vietnamese, help your kids learn words faster and memorize them through interactive play.

You can simply print out the sheets and cut out the flashcards. You an also laminate them for more sturdiness.

The flashcards can be found in our Bilingual Vietnamese Library. If you've already subscribed to the library, go download it now! If you haven't, scroll to the website footer to sign up and you'll get instant access to the library with a lot of useful Vietnamese learning materials for kids.

Easy & Fun Flashcards Games To Learn Vietnamese For Kids

Kids learn languages through play. The more fun we create the more engaged and interested they are about learning new words and boring grammar structures. Flashcards are a great fun learning material that both kids and adults love. They can also be used as games and you can really think of so many fun games your little ones will love! Here are a few flashcards games:

Listen and Find The Word

This game is simple but kids just love it! Leo has been playing this game a lot. We simply call out a name of a fruit or vegetable and he will find them among all the flashcards laid in front of him. He can literally spend 30 minutes playing this game (and that's a record for us!)

Match Pictures and Words

Cut the flashcards into two parts: picture and text. Now ask your child to match words with the pictures.

This game is good for bigger kids who have learned letters and can recognize words.

Flashcards Matching

Print two sets of the same flashcards. Shuffle the cards and put them face-down. Players take turn and flip two cards at a time. If the cards match, you keep them. If they don't match, you put them face-down again. The player with the most cards at the end wins the game.

Asian Market Food Hunt

 Why don't you turn grocery time into play time? Give your child a set of cards for the food you want to buy at the Asian market. Ask them to go find you the items in the flashcards. Save you time doing grocery (maybe;) ) and give them a lot of fun!

Scavenger Hunt

Simply hide cards in different corners in the house and ask your kid to go find them. For every card they find, they get one point! You can make it more interesting by assigning different points for different cards. For example: all meat cards get 1 point, all vegetables get 2, and all fruits get 3 points. Something like that!

Drawing with flashcards

Simply give your little one some pencils and papers and let them redraw their favorite flashcards!


There are tons of fun and simple games you can do with flashcards and above are just some suggestions. Kids are simple! They want to play and have fun and you can really give them a fun time using simple things.

Let me know which flashcards games your kids like to play or if you have suggestions for me to add to the list! 

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